“I’m always pursuing win win win solutions.
If there’s ever someone in any interaction that doesn’t feel like they’re winning, we’re doing it wrong.

We strive for Our Clients, Our Partners and Our Team members to all be thrilled!

The Easy Pay Direct culture and products are constantly evolving in an effort to better serve all parties involved.
We’re building the fastest safe way to accept payments online.
Are you ready to help us enhance eCommerce and our own lives? “

– Brad Weimert, Founder | CEO of Easy Pay Direct

Career Opportunities

*Project Manager* $85,000 - $115,000/year Base (DOE) + Incentives + Benefits Objective: Structure, maintain and report on each business unit's ongoing projects Have you effectively started, planned and managed projects in the past? Are you on top of deadlines, accountability and saying "no" when it doesn't fit into the current plan? Are you tired of larger, slow moving companies…
*New Client Specialist (INBOUND Sales)* 1st Year Compensation: $63,000 Average ($55,000/year BASE + Incentives + Benefits) Online Payments is a very fast growing industry. Easy Pay Direct has been on the fastest growing companies list for the last several years. Today they are positioned to leverage their brand and experience in several verticals to dominate the eCommerce payments space. We…
*Certified Payment Specialist* 1st Year Compensation: $75,000 on Average ($55k Base + Incentives + Benefits) *** If you think you're "Average" - you're not the right fit 🙂 *** Are you ready to work with a new kind of payments company? Done with the normal “ISO” model? Ready for something new and exciting? Know “High Risk” payments inside and out? What it Means to be a Certified
*Merchant Success Executive* 1st Year Compensation $58,000 on Average ($55k Base + Incentives + Benefits) Our Merchant Success Executives (MSE) provide a way to ensure our merchants’ success after they’ve been setup with an Easy Pay Direct Merchant Account. They do this by responding quickly, solving things quickly and upselling services through the process. Our MSE's are the body of…